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better, stronger, wiser, together

Kiribilli Private value becomes apparent through the collaborative nature of our members and their chapters. Although we invest as individuals, it is the collective thinking, relationships and resources that make up the strength and leveragability of a well-vetted, quality group of investors.

For sustainability, our network is comprised of qualified, accredited investors* with a risk appetiate for asset-based alternative investments.

We are risk aware not risk adverse.

We are committed to sourcing Asset-based investments meeting our unique criteria and yielding superior returns through our financing strength and uniquely structured exit events.

membership. valued, trusted, protected

Membership is by invitation only. We select accredited investors who share the same goals and will actively contribute to the investment process and the KPC mission, vision, values.


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    Access to diverse sectors, exit strategies, and investment options



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    Guarantee of anonymity during investment deal selection


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    Insights & Info

    Attain information and insights from other investors with different areas of expertis


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    Financing Option

    Obtain investment funds from diverse financial streams (such as syndication) to increase total investment capital and decrease risk