• Background 4


Kiribilli Private is an alternative investment marketplace that provides accredited investors (lenders) with opportunities to connect with highly vetted borrowers and the opportunity to invest in asset-based lending with a targeted annual interest of 8-20%. We let the investors Become the Bank.

We present investment offerings from experienced and trustworthy loan originators or asset managers with significant long-term track records of success in their respective investment area. We only accept investments that have a low correlation to the broader markets, are backed by strong collateral and are short in duration (up to 36 months).

In summary, each offering introduced by Kiribillli Private must meet the following criteria:

  • Asset-backed with strong collateral
  • Have low market correlation
  • Managed by proven asset managers
  • Short in duration (up to 36 months)
  • Targeted annual interest of 8-20%

Private Investment Marketplace